Smart Watches

DZ09 Smart Watch with Sim Card Function
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Elder GPS watch with WIFI positioning
R 1,599.00 R 999.00
Fitness Tracker with Full Face Display
R 349.00
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ID100HR Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate
R 899.00 R 450.00
ID107HR Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate
R 999.00 R 549.00
IP67 Q520S GPS watch with WIFI
R 1,699.00 R 999.00
IP67 T36 water resistant Kids GPS Watch
R 1,599.00 R 749.00
M26s ISO and Android Smart Watch
R 999.00 R 549.00
NFC Smart Ring
R 299.00
Q50 Kids GPS Watch
R 549.00
Q50 Kids GPS Watch ,Green color
R 499.00
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Q523 Kids GPS Watch with Side SIM
R 1,599.00 R 499.00
Q528 Kids GPS Watch,smart watch
R 699.00
Real Time Mini GPS Tracker Pendent
R 799.00
Smart Watch with Stainless Steel Bands
R 1,499.00 R 899.00
TW64 Fitness Activity Tracker Smartband
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